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„Human civilization today stands at the crossroads of the history. In 2020, we can directly observe our long-predicted evolutionary to revolutionary leap in our collective existence, which we call Social Singularity 21. In our opinion, SonG21 will culminate with a huge acceleration in the 21st century, when humanity must defend its existence in a fundamental historical test as the only alternative to the otherwise inevitable global destruction.

The primary task of the foundation is therefore to maximize the activity of its success with its activity and at the same time to contribute as much as possible to the spread of awareness of the Social Singularity 21. We do so by implementing modern knowledge in the field of individual thinking and collective cooperation in direct connection with development of physical skills. The result of this process is advanced scientific research based on multidisciplinary synthesis.“

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The world is on the edge of the epochal change,
the world will change and with it...
men and women.

The goal of evolution is not equilibrium.

If that were the case, we would live in ideal numbers today in the midst of beautiful nature in perfect balance with other species.

The goal of evolution is to select from an infinite variety of life forms such a biological entity that can create a unitary collective consciousness composed of absolutely free individuals who, but all to the last, will behave like best friends.



Then and only then can we, as a species, generate such a degree of cooperation that we will be able to resist and survive the real problems of humanity, which are mostly beyond the borders of our planet and most of them even beyond the borders of our solar system. And sooner or later their time will come.

Today's civilization has almost all the prerequisites to pass this test. We have resources, education, technology, healthcare, social networks.

We can fly into space, breathe underwater, split atoms, recombine DNA, and above all, we have a global communication system.

And the last missing stone in this mosaic is …
… start the brain.

Just really start thinking.

By understanding the mechanism by which human beings think, we can identify and eliminate the source codes of all misunderstandings, problems, and conflicts, and embark on the world's greatest adventure.

… up towards the stars.

„Learning is the only thing that the mind never exhausts, is not afraid of, and never regrets anything.“

Leonardo da Vinci


Projects, that we enjoy (the most)

T.R.U.E. Vision
8 principles
CZech Ping
Resilience techniques
Gymnastics / Parcour
Coopervival training
Breathing techniques
Dynamic jamming
Planetary university
Flying Stage
FreeFall Gallery
Science Days
Dynamic leadership
Fear of heights and flying deblocation

FOLLOWS: 10.4. ChildDay in AirPark, info HERE.
NEXT: 22.4. ScienceDay in cooperation with No Limits.

ScienceDay with teachers 18.2.2022

We had a wonderful day with a team of 12 teachers from the school in Teptin, Kamenice. The team was given a theoretical introduction into the various principles and methods the foundation applies to support people to develop their potential. Afterwards the curious team was able to try the methods for themselves. Parkour, balancing, juggling, reflexes training, rappelling and many more. All of them showed a lot of courage, couriosity and motivation.

Semester Kickoff 2022

12 brave new students started the new semester at the Science 21 institute.
During the first week they absolved various courses such as packing course for parachutes in AirPark Uhrineves, theoretical course, resilence and first jumps from 1200m.

Sněžka in shorts 15.1.2022

As a welcome challenge to the new year, our Science team and a group of trained students went to Sněžka in shorts.

A total of 17 participants left at 6:42 AM from the parking lot in Pec pod Sněžkou. Nine of them reached the top in shorts. The temperature ranged between -6 and -2 degrees Celsius.

See all past actions in the past events list or at our instagram profile.


  •   4.4.2022
      The theoretical course of the student program / parachute jumps will take place at the end of April. The deadline for applications for this semester is April 17, if you are interested email us.

  •   19. a 26.1.2022
     Mathesso games were handed over to successful auctioneers. In addition, they received an invitation from the founder to dinner, where they had a unique opportunity to learn how to play the game.
    Photos to be seen HERE.

  •   24.12.2021
     The first unique 21 pieces of the board game Mathesso was auctioned in an online auction.
    Each individual game has a unique number and is provided with the personal dedication and signature of the founder of Science21. Congratulations to all the auctioneers!

  •   19.9.2021
     International symposium Social singularity in the 21st century: At the crossroads of history took place on September 18, 2021 in the St. Agnes Monastery.

  •   21.7.2021
     The application for a European industrial design for the board game Mathesso was filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
    The release is planned at the end of 2021!
    An article by Karel Janecek in FORBES. (CZ)

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"We are visionaries, scientists and artists.
We are engineers, doctors, pilots, athletes.
Even by commonness special people...
We draw on the wisdom left to us by our ancestors.
We draw friendship with courage in 3D.
We are researchers, linkers, motivators, advisors.
We are both students and teachers.
And in the best sense of the word, we want to change the world.
And we take it as work seriously.
And we want to do it now definitely ... “


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