There are two basic ways to go next.
One option is a gradual reconstruction of the existing system.

And the second is a completely new concept.

And our long-term goal is to build a completely new education system. A university where full physical and mental potential is first fully developed and children first learn how to study. Only then will they acquire all the skills and knowledge in a natural way as part of a controlled adventure based on their own study plan. They are associated and evaluated not according to age and strict standards, but fundamentally on the basis of positive motivation. In the form of a collective game, where the basis of the study are the very methods of acquiring skills and knowledge. Where everyone moves according to their abilities. It is evaluated according to its commitment and acquired skills in practice. Not according to the list of currently memorized knowledge.

Our vision is to use all our strength to develop educational methods. To create a global, lifelong learning system that will delight students and teachers with joy and will be based on multidisciplinary synthesis, universal substitutability and, in particular, a lasting ability to acquire any skill.