"Anything is possible."

The source of the thought process is our body. The body and mind together form a highly efficient, wonderfully complex and inseparable system.

The achievable level of our potential is defined by the level of active blocks.

The blocks we acquire during development are literally "written" into the entire system of our body. That is why today more than ever before:

"Mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy spirit in a healthy body"



The most basic type of block is: "IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!". In fact, it is a negation of the "positive" possibility. It is the blockages that define the boundaries of our paradigm and thus define us. Every time we expand these boundaries, we increase our potential. It is a lifelong, highly individual and dynamic process. If we learn to transform the "It is not possible" attitude into the "Everything is possible" perspective, then nothing can stop us. Understanding and applying these 8 principles leads to possibilities that were not possible before.

There is no hierarchical structure within these principles. They all have the same value. They are all rex principles. This means that none is more or less important. Understanding, training and their application create a higher complex potential of individuals and groups.