„Fear is the strongest wish.“


Everyone is afraid of something. Sometimes this fear is irrational, but sometimes it is a seemingly rational fear. At the end of any sophisticated decision-making process, the feeling of an existential threat can be activated - a system of defense against falling from a height. And that's fear. If we unblock the fear of height, all other fears will cease to exist with it.

But fear protects us, you say. What would happen to me if I was not afraid of anything? If we unblock fear with our advanced methods, then what remains is rational respect. The real problem will not go away. You just won't be afraid of it and it will significantly increase the chance of solving it.

As part of our extensive experimental program to unblock the fear of heights and flying, we have so far 100% success and very minimal remission. We recently got rid of the fear of a pig from the Pooh bear. Research into the evolutionary biological origin of fear opens up previously unimagined possibilities with a positive impact on society as a whole.