AdultFriday of the Universe 21 12.11.2021

Science 21 had several special guests on Friday. We were visited by 14 members from various foundations of the Universe 21 and spent the day with us. We had the opportunity to introduce them to a couple of our training methods and projects such as balancing, throwing, abseiling, Mathesso and MicroGreens 🍀

Thank you for the whole Science 21 team! 🙏 It was an inspiring day for all of us and we look forward to seeing you soon


KIDZ' FRIDAY 25.6.2021

In the Science 21 endowment premises in Koloděje, 25.6. took place on the second day focused on children's activities.

A total of 33 children and 12 instructors gathered to guide them through a variety of sites movement and skill training. Despite the bad weather, this day was extremely successful and left all full of new impressions, experiences and skills.

Take a look at video.

If you want more information or register your child for the next event email us.

KIDZ' FRIDAY 2.10.2020

The first of the regularly irregular days aimed at children.

The projects, which were divided into 10 sites, involved 21 children and 12 adults.

To get an idea, see an article or have a look at the video.

If you want to enroll your child email us.