Paradriver Library

Paradrivers are people who expanded and shifted the existing paradigm of the society of their historical period and therefore changed the perception of the world and the perception of oneself, the paradigm of human kind.

There are famous paradrivers in all areas of society, Galileo Galilei, Nikola Tesla or John Amos Comenius are some famous examples.

Many paradrivers are currently expanding our perception, our understanding and believing of what is possible and what is not possible.

Wim Hof, “The IceMan” is a famous example of these times, showing us, that we have a much higher potential within ourselves and our mind, than we are often willing to believe in.

The purpose of our Paradriver Library is to collect works, that are connected to those people who were or are able to change the mindset of millions of people. By sharing their information on a broad level, they created paradigm shifts, they expanded the perception of human kind.

We want to enable our students to expand their perception, to get inspired by strong people of the past and the presence.

Here you can get our bibliography to get inspired as well.

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