By crossing our comfort zone, we are expanding our boundaries. We are increasing our potential because we see that we are capable of much more than we expect.

Using various methods, such as cold water, sauna, barefoot walking, fasting, holding your breath ... we train "hardening".

It is our mind that delegates our body and trains us to have a strong mind, we automatically strengthen our body, our reactions and our behavior in any difficult situation we have to face.

"Do not limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. ”

"If you want to resist the cold, you have to learn to enjoy it. Learn to love winter. We have taught our bodies to avoid the cold and to wear a jacket when we feel uncomfortable. We learn that we can get sick from winter, so we try to avoid it at all costs. It is important to end this usual aversion and learn to entertain it. With this state of mind, you can start to benefit from the cold and enjoy adapting to it. ”

Wim Hof