And that's when something really hard to describe starts to happen. Everything seems natural. The plane recedes, the propellers turn, and the paratroopers' bodies rearrange along beautiful trajectories. Everything seems to be moving as it should. It's just happening all the time. The plane takes off but does not take off. Phenomena take place, but they do not end ... The situation is running, but their time is worth it.

And those colors! And the contrast with which all shapes are drawn. Multiparallel perception, when we look at the laughing eyes around the flying friends and at the same time at the departing plane. We watch in amazement with the unrepeatable symphonic splendor, in which the sun plays the first violin and is accompanied by boundless courage. The indescribably blue color is interwoven with the ubiquitous invention of geniuses who once decided to go up and in spite of all to allow us to do so.



Everything is happening, you would like to say it at once, together or together. But that's not it. It suddenly expresses a number of phenomena that may or may not have something in common. But this is different.

It is a unique all-embracing hyperposition, in which every detail is the most important and at the same time the most significant part of the whole composition.

"Free fall is the embodied being in its most essential form."

Unknown Chieftain