The word "Yakumani" comes from Bambara, which is spoken in Côte d'Ivoire and means "kitten".


When working with this technique, any composition is prohibited. The "artist" draws with both hands and focuses only on the purest possible execution of the miniature figures of his choice. His only task is to draw a third figure for each of the two figures and leave as little space between them as possible, and he keeps repeating this activity without any intention.

The result is always a beautiful work of art that actually creates your whole personality. In our opinion, the resulting drawing has a great expressive value, comparable to graphological analysis.



The method works on many levels, and one of its main goals is to unblock the idea: "I can't draw!" or "I'm not an artist!"

Practicing this technique regularly will change your perspective as an artist, and you will gradually begin to draw more complex and realistic works.