By playing this fun game, children gain (not learn) a visual mathematical support system, on the basis of which they can flawlessly reflexively determine (not calculate) the multiplier up to 121 (which is 11 sqared), squares, primes, Fibonacci sequence numbers, factorials and other extensions.

This skill then completely eliminates problems with mathematics at the beginning of schooling, thus increasing study confidence and significantly saving parents' time. It achieves the same results for school-age children and, in the slightly longer term, can completely unblock pupils who have problems with mathematics.



In adults, it achieves the same results and, moreover, it is extremely funny for adults, because it visualizes blockages that most of them had no idea about. Another benefit is that it fundamentally supports memory and orientation in mental space.

Mathesso is a simple board game that is played in a similar way as a memory game. It allows players to learn all the basic math operations in a fun way.

This game is successfully used by both children and adults to help them unlock and develop the potential for logical conclusions and mathematical thinking.

And what's the best thing about it? Children and adults do not realize during the game that they are actually learning math at a high level.

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