As part of advanced piloting, we must pay attention to all instruments and controls at the same time. We have to make very complex movements while constantly thinking and concentrating on all the processes at the same time. Calculate, estimate distances, react in a flash, predict while constantly dynamically adapting to changing priorities. In addition, to communicate and mainly to cooperate. This leads to the development of so-called parallel thinking, a phenomenon that is often associated with genius in other areas of human activity. Even the most experienced pilots will keep in mind that this is not a real flight, but just a simulator, only a few minutes. This gives us an exceptional opportunity to research human behavior, cooperation, the learning process, acting under stress. For the development of unblocking methods and especially the objective measurement of the current power of our sensorimotor system. That is, the effectiveness of thinking. All in complete safety. As a bonus, all our researchers and students will learn to fly an airliner over time. Surely you can imagine what effect this may have on self-confidence, responsibility or fine motor skills, for example. And much more.

For example, for children who like home in the simulator.