Experiments are a fantastic opportunity to learn and to gain knowledge in a playful way, not only for children but for everyone.

sand pendulum, Lissajous patterns

At the same time experiments are the most fundamental approach to do scientific work. You have a question and want to know the truth? What is gravity? Is it possible to create levitating objects? What is energy and how does it work? What does it mean that water carries information? Can plants communicate? Create an experiment and find it out – yourself! Become an everyday scientist and find out how reality works.

In the KidzLab we have a collection of simple experiments that allows to get a deeper understanding of all kind of natural phenomena like gravity, electricity, magnetism, resonance of water etc.

By “playing” with these experiments, everybody can expand his concepts about reality and become an independent everyday scientist.

Furthermore the KidzLab serves as an electrical engineering workshop, where students are engaged to learn to build, repair and understand the functioning of everyday electrical devices like: computers, radios, televisions et cetera.

Knowledge makes us strong, knowledge is power.

The more knowledge we have, the less manipulated we can be.

Dr. Masaru Emoto┬┤s water experiments

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