The objective of the evolution is not an equilibrium.

If it was, the population size would nowadays be ideal and we would live in the middle of beautiful nature in a perfect harmony with all other species.

The objective of the evolution is to choose such a biological entity from the infinite variety of living forms, which manages to create unitary collective consciousness consisting of absolutely free individuals, who—each and every one of them—behave as best friends.

Then and only then we can, as a species, generate such a degree of cooperation that we will be able to resist and survive the real problems of the mankind, which are often found beyond the bounds of our planet or very often even beyond the bounds of our galaxy. Their time will come sooner or later.

The current civilization has nearly all requirements to pass this test. We have resources, education, technology, healthcare system, social media.

We can fly to space, breathe underwater, split atoms, recombine the DNA, and, most importantly, we have a global communication system.

The last missing pebble in this mosaic is …

… to start using our brains.

We simply have to start to actually think.

If we understand the mechanism of human thinking, we can identify and remove the source codes of all misunderstandings, problems and conflicts, and set out for the journey of the super greatest adventure of the world.

So … up towards the stars!

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

Nikola Tesla

Mission of the Foundation

We are actively searching for talented individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their age, education, and social situation. To further cultivate them following the “mens sana in corpore sano” philosophy, extended by the hypothesis that the sensorimotor system is the substrate of thinking. By means of special movement schemes including (but not limited to) free fall, we intend to lead the prepared individuals towards a universal multidisciplinary cooperation on the basis of unprecedented friendship.

  • The purpose of the foundation is both publicly beneficial and charitable. The mission is to support basic and applied research in natural sciences focused on physics.
  • Basic research in the field of human physical and mental potential by use of special movement patterns including free fall.
  • Associating and supporting outstanding personalities, scientists, educators, inventors, artists, athletes and others regardless of age, social situation and education and their further development.
  • Active search and association of talented people of all ages, including so-called hidden talents and providing them with the support needed for their further development, including financial support. In particular by creating conditions for study at various types of schools and educational structures, with the simultaneous development of their physical and mental activity. Support of individuals and groups of persons and their motivation for personal development, team cooperation and universal interdisciplinarity.