Social Program

All participants

Thursday Oct. 17 19:00-21:00Welcome Drink
Friday Oct. 1819:00-23:00Guided evening tour of Prague,
more details and registration at the information desk at the conference
Saturday Oct. 1920:00-22:00Conference dinner
Concert: Dan and Jana Čadovi, Sound Spa *
Sunday Oct. 2019:00-23:00Guided evening tour of Prague,
more details and registration at the information desk at the conference
Monday Oct. 2114:00Lunch and Adjour

*Concert: Dan and Jana Čadovi, Sound Spa *

Sound Spa: An evening music relaxation, calming and tuning. A meditative concert by special musical instruments originating in different cultures and historical periods. The sounds and vibrations of these instruments have a very beneficial effect on the human body—that is a fact discovered thousands of years ago. They relieve stress, calm down the mind, release physical and mental tension, and harmonize both our body and mind.
You will experience the harmonic effect of the Pythagorean monochord, Chinese temple gong, Tibetan bowls, Indian whistles, rain columns and other special musical instruments. The combination of these instruments, cultures and vibrations will bring you unexpectedly strong experiences. Just relax and feel the sound by your whole body.
Dan and Jana Čadovi are music therapists, musicians, masseurs and coaches. They work with sound in all its forms. They are interested in old spiritual, ceremonial and musical instruments together with their effect on the human body, various traditional and non-traditional massage, therapeutic, healing and meditation techniques (and their combinations), psychology, alternative medicine, working with energy, healthy lifestyle etc. Together they run a relaxation center and sound spa Dajána. The vocals, sounds and vibrations of the special ethnic musical instruments relax, calm down, harmonize and heal both the body and the mind.

Dan a Jana Cadovi, sound spa

*Concert: Tomáš Mach*

Tomáš Mach’s musical compositions are based on classical principles and, at the same time, they show the strong influence of the many musical styles he has encountered during his career.
He represents a crossover between classical music, jazz, bluegrass and various kinds of world music.
For his compositions he has received several awards at the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville, USA.
As a teacher, he taught at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague and the Bangkok Symphony Music School in Thailand.
He has played concerts in many European countries, the USA, India and, regularly, in Japan.

Guided evening tour, a night in Prague

tour guide, Adam Ripple

Our tour guide will guide you through the old parts of the romantic and mystical center of Europe – Prague.

You will leave at the hotel and go by train and bus to the center of Prague where you will pass the historical town square, see the astrological Orloy Clock and walk over the old Charles bridge.

A romantic dinner on the hills of the castle in the old monastery will enable you to have an overwhelming overview of the whole city.

To take part in the tour, please register at the conference Info Desk in advance.

Please have 10,- Euro / 1 person ready for transportation costs.

Dinner costs have to be covered extra.

Prague by night, Milly Shephx

What to do in and around Prague?

The Park Holiday – Congress and Wellness Hotel offers a broad selection of indoor and outdoor leisure and sports activities. Squash and Tennis as well as bowling can be played right at the hotel. During your stay you will have unlimited access to the ClubWell Spa Zone as well as to the EnerGym fitness zone. Furthermore full body treatments in the VitalBody beauty salon (massages, cosmetics…) can be enjoyed. Of course you can also enjoy a drink or meal at different bars or the Aeronautical restaurant Tetu Brissy.

In the immediate vicinity you will find Pruhonice park and Castle (UNESCO) and the Pruhonice dendrological garden, a beautiful surrounding to go for a walk. For visitors with children it could be worth it to visit Aquapalace Prague – Cestlice, the largest Aquapark in Central Europe, or the HOP arena, a modern trampoline arena, both very close to the sight.

Prague, one the oldest and most beautiful cities of Europe is not far from the hotel and easy to reach by bus, train or taxi.

For further questions don’t hesitate to ask and please check out the Hotel‘s website.