Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Andre Assis, Andre Koch Torres Assis is a professor of physics at the University of Campinas – UNICAMP, in Brazil, working with gravitation, electromagnetism, cosmology and history of science. He obtained his PhD in plasma physics in 1987 and held post-doctoral positions at Culham Laboratory (Oxfordshire, England), Northeastern University (Boston, USA), Hamburg University (Germany) and Dresden University of Technology (Germany). For more details visit:
Prof. Andre Assis
  • Arto Annila, I see science as a way of making sense of reality. Indeed, the world is not random but presents rules and regularities. Irrespective of origin and scale, data display skewed distributions, sigmoid curves, and power laws as well as oscillations and, at times, chaos. Mathematical models and computer simulations can be tailored to reproduce these ubiquitous patterns. Yet, science is not about modeling and mimicking but finding relationships between causes and effects. Universality implies a universal principle. Discovering the general law that underlies the ubiquitous patterns is my most important merit. It is an old idea to reason that everything comprises of the same basic building blocks. It is a new idea to recognize that the ancient atomon is today’s quantum. The non-equilibrium statistical physicsfor open quantized systems describes systems in evolution toward balance in their evolving surroundings. The theory, also known as the 2nd law of thermodynamics, explains non-determinate and emergent courses of history as well as identifies the arrow of time with the flow of quanta. The statistical theory of open quantized systems is a very powerful precept to make sense of a broad range of phenomena as is apparent from the spectrum of my papers. I have used the statistical theory in tackling fundamental questions from elementary particles to cosmic expansion and from origin of life to the downfall of societies. I also understand information as physical and computation as a least-time process. The wide scope of my papers invariably follows from the profound premises. Most importantly, insightful results comply with quantitative measurements.
Arto Annila
  • Walter Babin, a business background as manager in product development, consumer electronics production and distribution, vice president, marketing, A life-long interest in theoretical physics and philosophy led to founding the on-line, “General Science Journal”  (https// with contributions from authors around the world. Babin is author of papers in the field of business philosophy, marketing, statistical analysis of overhead/administrative costs/products, special relativity, mechanics, electrodynamics, unification theory, logic and intelligence.
Walter Babin
Robert Neil Boyd
  • Alexander Carot, Besides a practical training in programming and electrical engineering, Dr. Alexander Carôt has actively been playing bass and the NS-Chapman-Stick in several rock, pop and jazz ensembles. In 2004 he received a german engineering diploma within an interdisciplinary study program in order to combine the arts and technology. Motivated by the passion for remote music performances with musicians in different places, he completed his PhD in computer science in 2009 at the University of Lübeck/Germany. In this context he developed the “Soundjack” software (, which has been used in numerous network music performances all over the world. In 2010 he has been appointed Full Professor in media computer science at the University of Applied Sciences, Anhalt, Germany. Besides continuously improving “Soundjack” in terms of signal latency, quality and usability he is playing in various remote music ensembles. In his recent research activities he is focusing on novel multimodal delay-optimized transmission approaches and the application of superluminal signal propagation effects. 
Alexander Carot
  • Ray Fleming, is an independent physics researcher and author investigating the full implications of standard model quantum field theory. He is retired with previous work history as a manager in fields of health physics and x-ray analytical equipment. He has also conducted experimental high-voltage vacuum arc discharge research. Ray authored The Zero-Point Universe and The 100 Greatest Lies in Physics. For more information visit:, scientific work:,%20Fleming,
  • Huping Hu, PhD, JD, is a biophysicist, attorney and founder/editor of prespacetime journal. He obtained his B.S. & M.S. in China, PhD in biophysics from University of Illinois in 1991 and JD from New York Law School in 1998. Among his achievements, he discovered in 2006 with Dr. Maoxin Wu, evidence of nonlocal effects of chemical substances on the brain produced through quantum entanglement and evidence of nonlocal gravitational, thermal and chemical effects which support the notion of a quantum brain and demonstrate nonlocal signaling and nonlocal gravity. For more details visit:
Huping Hu
  • Walter Jenkins, In the mid 1980’s Walt began working on alternative fuel systems for cars as a hobby. By the early 2000’s he was working on Hydrogen extraction from water , electrolysis, and trying to find more efficient ways to get fuel energy from water, than electrolysis could deliver. Walt has patents filed around the world on the technology of creating low cost clean fuel energy from water and also on his new high plasma spark plugs. He has pioneered a new way to bring the power of lightening and thunder storms into any internal combustion engine. They can run completely on a clean water based energy or mixed with fossil fuels. This process currently, can yield up to 99% cleaner emissions while still using 1% gasoline.
  • Akira Kanda, (mathematician)
    1. Currently working on the consistency issue of theories of physics, especially, Relativity Theory.
    2. Mathematical Logician: specialized in Domain Theory, Recursion Theory and Numeration Theory, Universal Set Theory, Rough Set Theory and Fuzzy Set Theory.
Akira Kanda
  • Cyrus Master-Khodabakhsh, was born in Shiraz, Iran. He received a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of London in 1969, then returned to Iran and worked as a systems analyst for a government industry until 1979. When the revolution broke out in 1979, Cyrus was dismissed because of his belief in the Baha’i Faith. His property was confiscated, and he had to flee Iran with his family to escape possible execution, eventually settling in Australia as a refugee. To support his family, he started his own business and worked until a few years ago when he retired. Some twenty years ago, Cyrus became a firm believer in the concept of ether as the medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves, which Einstein had rejected, and started research in his free time to see if Einstein was right. Using ether as a medium Cyrus derived E = mc2 by applying Newtonian mechanics (Physics Essays 29, 313, 2016). He was then offered a fellowship at Western Sydney University so that he could use their facilities to further his research. In two subsequent published papers, Cyrus showed that the Michelson and Morley experiment, the experimental foundation of SR, was flawed. His fourth paper, which is in the process of being published, is about other fundamental errors in Einstein’s theory and why, despite the errors, it gives some correct predictions.  
Cyrus Master-Khodabakhsh
  • Tomáš Košumberský, (*1967) studied economics (Technical University of Liberec), he’s been dedicated to the area of economics and management his whole professional life – the last decade in the field of dentistry. Today, Tomas is the president of the Czech Dental Academy and editor-in-chief of the magazine DentalCare. He dedicates his free time mainly to exploring in the area of physics and astrophysics, of which the book “Time theory” was published. For more details visit: /
Tomas Kosumbersky
  • Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, main topics of studies have been: systems including biosystems with hydrogen bonds, proton conductivity, biophysics an bioenergy of cells, macroscopic biological systems under special field conditions, measurement of radioactivity, etc. Major results were published in a paper entitled Proton Transfer and Coherent Phenomena in Molecular Structure with Hydrogen Bonds in Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 125Edited by I. Prigogine and Stuart A. Rice. John Wiley & Sons (2003), pp. 351-548. Here is the link to a pdf file from my web site: In June 2017 a book was published entitled Structure of Space and the Submicroscopic Deterministic Concept of Physics, Apple Academic Press, Oakville, Canada; Waretown, USA (498 p.) The book covers almost all the results obtained by Dr. Krasnoholovets in fundamental physics – both theoretical and experimental, – which makes it possible to take a critically look at the present situation in the Standard Model of Physics.
Volodymyr Krasnoholovets
  • Prof. Michal Křížek, Prof. RNDr. Michal Krizek, DrSc. (1952), is a senior researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. He deals with numerical methods for solving problems of mathematical physics. For more details visit:
Michal Krizek
  • Hartmut Müller, PhD, graduated in philosophy and natural sciences at the St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Until 1990 professor for epistemology of research in engineering sciences at the Volgograd University of Technology. Contributions in applied mathematics to Soviet space research projects. Vernadski medal of the Russian Inter-Academic Society. Recognized for his public engagement for ethics in science and non-military application of scientific research. Book: “Global Scaling – the fundamentals of interscalar cosmology”
Hartmut Müller
  • Dr. Nassikas Athanassios A., is Emeritus Professor at the Technological Institute of Thessaly (Now University of Thessaly). His field is renewable and new forms of energy and he has strong interest on the philosophy of science. He was granted a patent from the USA related to the self-propulsion with the use of superconductors which has been experimentally verified. He explained the operation of the mechanism of this patent on the basis of a Minimum Contradictions Theory of Everything, which he stated by means of a Theorem stating that the real logical communication system is contradictory. He has written the book “The Claim for Minimum Contradictions” (in Greek), the book “Minimum Contradictions Everything” and papers which have been published in various Journals and proceedings of various conferences. For more information please visit:
Dr. Nassikas Athanassios
  •  Slobodan Nedic, received his Bachelor and MS degrees from the Belgrade University, Serbia, in 1974 and 1980. He worked with the “Michael Pupin” Institute on design and deployment of voice-band modems, and continued his carrier with renowned companies as NEC (Central Research Laboratories in Kawasaki, Japan and in Princeton, New Jersey) and SiRF (now Cambridge Silicon Radio). He has contributed to improve per-subchannel equalization for the FDMA/OQAM multi-carrier system. Until 2017 he has been a Senior Research Associate at the Department of PECE of the UNS FTS with main R&D interest is the OFDM/OQAM system performance enhancements. Involved in the ongoing FP7 EMPhAtiC projects, including leadership of the WP3. He has published a dozen of international conferences and journals papers, and authored/co-authored six US patents. With part of his time he has of late been devoted to critical analysis of Newtonian theories of Gravitation and Orbital Motion and following the research of a number of scientist and experimentalist directed at overcoming the shortcomings of Maxwell-ian theory and practice of electromagnetism along theoretical explanation and foundation of the ‘overunity’ systems. He is currently working on establishing correspondence between physical (aetherodynamics based) and mathematical (set-theoretic) correspondence within general scale-structured reality – multi-scaling instead of multi-dimensioning.
Slobodan Nedic
  • Libor Neumann, designed an automated measuring system based on static pendulums. He is involved in deploying and operating the system. He is a co-author of a ratchet mechanism hypothesis explaining alternatively the formation of stress in the Earth’s crust due to external periodic load. He works as author and designer of a new generation of electronic identification means and as a leader of the software development team in the last 10 years. He is the author of several international patents in the field of ICT.
  • Daniel Poelzleithner,
  • Kjell Prytz, is an associate professor at University of Malardalen in Sweden. He is interested in field-free dynamics, as Weber formulated electrodynamics and has written a text-book presenting electrodynamics in a field-free way, i.e. in terms of interactions between charges. He has used the Weber force to explore the Meissner effect, i.e. the strong repulsion between a magnet and a superconducting material. Furthermore, he has shown that the Weber force also appears in gravitation and actually is included in general relativity. As such it is a source of inertial mass, a fact first realized by Einstein. Using modern cosmology and the gravitational Weber force, he indicated the equivalence between inertial and gravitational mass
Kjell Prytz
  • Jan Rak, is a professor of ultra-relativistic nuclear physics at the Jyvaskyla University in Finland. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague a couple of years before the break down of the communist era in Czech. After he earned his PhD he participated as an experimentalist in all major accelerator experiments around the world, JINR, Dubna, Russia, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, Max Plank Institute in Heidelberg, Germany, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA and finally at Jyvaskyla University, Finland. His main research subject is the relativistic quantum field theory summarized in the book he wrote with his American colleague M. Tannebaum “High-p_T physics in the Heavy Ion Era” (Cambridge University Press, 2013). Currently he is a project leader of Finnish participation in the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.
Jan Rak
  • Louis Rancourt, held the position of Tenure professor in the Faculté d’éducation at the Université d’Ottawa. Taught in  Ontario from primary though high school, as well as higher education at Cambrian College and Collège Boréal. Is now retired from teaching. Research on Gravity, Light, Static Electricity, and Houses Using Solar Energy. Published work: Effect of Light on Gravitational Attraction, in Physics Essays24, no 4 (2011).  Further Experiments Demonstrating the Effect of Light on Gravitation, in Applied Physics Research, 7, no 4 (2015).
Louis Rancourt
  • Cameron Rebigsol, was once an electrical engineer with a BSEE from UC Berkeley in the U.S., but before long he set up his own construction business. Since his college years, he has always been troubled with how to digest many modern theories in natural science, such as the Big Bang theory, the argument between a bounded universe and an infinite universe, Einstein’s relativity, dark matter, quantum physics, mass-energy conversion, evolution.  As he is able to spend more time on these theories after his retirement, he found that, in his opinion, a big portion of these theories contain Achilles’ heel that must lead to the self-refutation of these theories.   He strongly believes that all these self-refutation weak points of these theories should be revealed to the academic world so that our future natural science study would be given chances to go on a healthier direction.     
Cameron Rebigsol
  • George Shpenkov, completed his PhD atIoffe Physico-Technical Institute of RAS (1968,Leningrad) and Dr.Sc. degree in 1991 (Tomsk, RAS). Retired professor, an Honorary Memberof the Russian Physical Society.Published 9 books and more than a hundredpapers in different issues. Main his achievements are a series of the discoveries:nature of mass and charge,shell-nodal (molecule-like) structure of atoms,microwave background radiation of hydrogen atoms,wave natureof elementary particles,fundamental Period-Quantum of the Decimal Code of the Universe,fundamental frequencies of atomic,subatomic and gravitational levels,true nature of the Lamb shift.
George Shpenkov
  • Peter Šujak, After five year study 1976-1981 in year 1981 he earned his master’s degrees in Experimental Nuclear Physics at the Comenius University in Bratislava the Capital city of Slovakia. Following graduation he worked for Nuclear Power Plant Research Institute in city Trnava. In year 1982 he earned a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics. Since year 1987 till 1990 he worked for Headquarter of Radiation Monitoring Centre in Prague. Since year 1991 till 2007 he was working for computer and software company Elektra-Olymp in Prague. Since year 2008 till 2010 he attended his individual extra recharging study in ground physical platform of contemporary fundamental physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. Since year 2010 he is working full time like independent physicist on fundamental problems in Physics. His scientific work includes his published book, Einstein’s destruction of physics
Peter Sujak
  • Dr. Alexander Unzicker, is a theoretical physicist and science writer. The German edition of his book Bankrupting Physics won the “science book of the year” award by a jury of science journalists. The Higgs Fake is a critique of particle physics, while Einstein’s Lost Key deals with a variable speed of light version of general relativity. Unzicker’s scientific papers can be found here and his talks and interviews on his YouTube channel Real Physics.
  • Dr. Reiner Georg Ziefle, Natural Philosopher, examples of publications: 1. R. G. Ziefle, On the “new theory of gravitation”  (NTG), Phys. Essays 24, 213 (2011). 2. R. G. Ziefle, Unification of the four fundamental forces of nature by a binaryquantum model, Phys. Essays 29, 81 (2016).  3. R. G. Ziefle, Failure of the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics: Three experimental falsifications, and a consistent alternative interpretation, Phys. Essays 30, 3 (2017).
Reiner Ziefle